Juan Martínez Pérez aka Elson Complex

Juan Martínez Pérez aka Elson Complex is Spanish fingerstyle acoustic guitarist based in Bern, Switzerland. His guitar music has been described as inspiring, intense, introspective, and relaxing at the same time. Elson Complex has published around 50 guitar tunes through different labels, such as Florecilla Records, Raighes Factory, Yellow Rose Records, Burro Borracho Records, Sky Valley Records, Soothe Sounds, and his own speedchill label. This includes collaborations with Melany Thompson, Andy Salvanos, Edy Hafler, John Clark, Jürg Kindle, Mathew Joseph, Pablo Briceño, Nathaniel Graham, Whalebone, A.B. Chediski, Nylonwings, Will Moore, Harry Waters, and Grammy Award winner Andrew York. End of October 2022, Elson Complex reached 8 million all-time streams on Spotify, where he currently has around 140.000 monthly listeners. In October 2022, he also started to release guitar tracks under his real name, Juan Martínez Pérez. This new venture has already reached more than 10.000 people on Spotify. Furthermore, he has side project called "Art & Spencer* with Belgian multi-instrumentalist Marc Vliegen aka "Have a Cigar". Juan is founding member of the "Contemporary Classical Collective" (CCC), an informal group of spirited musicians from all over the world, dedicated to a sub-genre of contemporary classical music that variously goes under the label of "neo-classical" or "indie-classical".

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